Who is a refugee ?

In our contemporary world, a Refugee is seen as a person who has been forced to leave their homes and country in order to escape attack, conflict, war, persecution, or natural disaster. Tens of thousands of refugees fled their homes and countries all the times in this precarious world.

However, a Refugee could also be a person who is mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and materially traumatized and handicapped in living status. This condition includes disability and the needy.  And therefore needs rehabilitation and counseling in all aspects of life.

Our key objectives or areas that we operate/take care of and work to breach the gap between the haves and not haves are:

  1. Refugees
  2. Orphans/needy kids
  3. Homeless and poor people.
  4. Widows/widowers
  5. Rehabilitation and counseling Refugees and the poor in all aspects of life
  6. Outstanding commitment award in the area of poverty alleviation
  7. To revamp them back to life, and re-direct them to self-reliance so that they can make petty businesses to support themselves and the families.
  8. We can work out and make ease facilitation of things for you to adopt any one or two of our Children of your choice without any difficulties to give them a better comfort and life at your home.


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