Message for Our Sponsors

Management of Buduburam Refugees In-Need wish to thank and say Happy and Prosperous New Year to every nook and cranny who in one way or the other who has contributed physically, materially and financially to our success in the past years. We thank the banks too more especially Agricultural Development Bank (ADB); We thank the hard working Volunteers who left their respective countries and homes, came to render their good services to our people and organization. We thank Bolewura in Northern Ghana (the Chief Bole) and his elders, we thank All the media Houses Globally, we thank University of Ghana Medical Students Associate and of course Pentecost Students Associate. We thank Mr. Nathan Pajibo the leader of the Buduburam Refugees and his assistance Mr. Koofei, We also thank the Staff of partners, we thank Gonjaland Youth Association, we thank the president of Gonjaland Youth Association, we thank the PRO of Gonjaland youth association , we thank Ynagbon Radio, we thank the DCE of Bole, we thank the Staff of Bole District hospital, we thank all the Moderators of Yagbon Radio and all its staff right from the Boss to the security man, we wish we could say your names individually. We wish to grossly thank our terrific fans and promulgators who have always added wood to get the fires blazing for us!

We thank our Beautiful family in Liberia. In deep down our bones marrows, We thank our fans across Australia and New Zealand, Germany, Finland, Denmark, UK, US, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Serbia, Spain and Italy! We thank our Brand, we thank Gonjaland Youth Association, we thank the PRO of Gonjaland youth association, we thank Green lodge Guest House, we thank AsaGuest House, we thank profs Guest House, we thank Sonnie Best Limited, we thank Yangbon Radio, we thank some great God friends like Alhassan Jubatonaka CocodyRasta, we thank the DCE of Bole, we thank the Police commander and his able Men and Women and all the DISEC Group of Bole, we wish we could say all your names individually oh yes. Last but not least. We say AFFEEDEIAPAA to you all!!!

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