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Following an unaffordable public schools fees, Rehaina was forced to drop out of school and start working to afford at least one meal a day.  Over the years ago, we notice more and more children in his neighborhood suffering through the same situation, because of their inability to pay school fees, books, shoes school bags and other stationery.

We share greetings to all friends, donors and the good people out there.  We are with beautiful Orphanage (Orphans in the Buduburam Camp in Kasoa, Bole and Sawla Orphanage in the Northern Region of Ghana), Refugees, Widows and Widowers, Street Kids and other Destitute families.  We assist and support those that need rapid respond and quick action within the limit of our major finances and resources can take care of. We are very supportive to all kinds of children without any form of discriminations or prejudices amongst them, not at all.  And we receive most of our funds, material resources from governments.  NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization), Philanthropies, benevolent individuals in Africa, America, Europe and other parts of the world in which we use to keep smiles on these peoples and kids faced.

Your donations could be any used clothes, foods, medicine or voluntary service, any other junk you don’t need or use any longer and want to dispose of.  Please, don’t throw them away any longer, all you need to know is that you can put smiles on someone face somewhere here in Africa by donating little of those items to them through our credible organizations for the ultimate aim of keeping humanity into its face and true existence.

You can make a change; you can make someone somewhere happy and add up a smile to a family and a poor child somewhere.  Please visit our office or website below NGO to see why it’s important to touch life of wondering kids somewhere even if it is one Kid’s life you have been able to turn around or touched, will definitely bring an effect changes in his/her life throughout developmental stages in life, since development is a continuous process.  Our NGO takes care of refugees, orphans, widows, the needy and poor.  Attached below are pictures of some Medical student’s final year Medical Students of University of Ghana, who recently donated generously various items and a cash of money, shoes, clothes, food to the Orphans group in their school and other donations into the below account and address of the organization.

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Refugees In-Need
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