About us

Thanks so much for visiting our website! We are so excited to share with you are here, and just as excited that you will be able to join us as we celebrate our progress.

As the day draws nearer, we will continue to add all important information to this site so that it will act as one easy reference point and center for everything you need to know. We hope you will join us and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about anything you see here. We are into human revamping revolution and to minimize the suffering of the poor people, we work to let them reconcile with economic, social, human dignity in societies and to live harmoniously with their environment.   We are also complementing the good efforts of UNHCR and the International Red Cross.  We have branches in USA, Liberia and Sierra Leone.  We hope to reach other communities and countries in the near future.  We are legally registered today, with the registration number CGO97992014 and Registration Tin Code. C000343273.

Our Mission

  1. To support Children, Orphans, Destitute, Street Kids, Widows/Widowers and all women that fall prey to the vulnerability in societies. We reunite families, relatives, lost ones and friends separated by brutal conflicts and wars.
  2. We can work out and make ease facilitation of things for you to adopt any one or two of our Children of your choice without any difficulties to give them a better comfort and life at your home.
  3. Give free education, shelter, and care to disadvantaged children across the globe regardless of sex, age, race, religion or tribal origin.
  4. Coordinating matters peculiar to Refugees. Thus by the provision of food, medical care, and drugs to the suffering Refugees and other in the societies.

Our Visions

We intend to use education to achieve sustainable development meeting the outcry of children around the world.  Education, art, career and cultural programmes will foster children to become more successful adults in their social environments.

  1. To help better the lives of Refugees, poor, and the needy people in societies.
  2. To help Orphans and the needy people.
  3. Provision of Quality Education and Training to Refugees and the poor in societies cannot afford due to stringent economic, social and political conditions.


Our whole organization is financed only through donations and all of our staff is working honorary (with exception of our school staff in Ghana).  We thereby here, making the best maximizing use of all donations we receive and put them into good use to inured to the benefit of the people through good and viable projects we carried out.

If you have any questions about donating or the disposition of funds, feel free to contact us at any time.